28 February 2013

Rewind 6: Jd's 4th Month Birthday

Let me post first the pictures and reminisce the memories during JD's 4th month.

me and baby jd at community general hospital for HIB vaccine

ang pretty naming baby wearing the SM clothes gift by her Ninang Kamile

sa Maxx's SM San Pablo to nakahiga sya sa upuan hehe

her handa was a pizza (Enfant Dress)

she already sucks her foot - weird but cute

your favorite sleeping position babe

seems like aagawan ka ng milk huh!

Sunday church - (Crib Couture blouse and skirt)

 with inay - crib couture shoes

with mama
You don't know how to smile at camera yet. And look at you, your eyes are wide open, and look at me, ang taba taba pa ni mama. You also showed and amused us when you are sucking your feet. What's in there na gusto mo nag aacrobat ka baby? nagsawa ka na ba sa thumb and for a change you have your feet naman? Hehehe, cute baby!

And here baby, in the following pictures, you are able to roll around, ooops, but find difficulty getting back. We are helping you pa para tumihaya, you want to dumapa always, but get irritated when you can;t make tihaya.

forcing herself sa pagdapa

yesss finally

you hardly lift your head

but still can look at the camera hehe

And I love seeing you here in below pictures. You smile a lot more. You always show your beautiful smile and beautiful eyes. Anak, you get that eyes from your daddy j, and I am thankful na namana mo yan sa kanya coz he has smiling eyes. Kung kay mama mo nakuha, hmmm. you will still look beautiful ;)

Who will never be amused of your smile baby? You are so cute and adorable. At 4 months, you coos a lot, talk to anything you see, yell, make a lot of movement, dances your feet and roll over.

And at your 4 months baby - you had your rashes for the first time. Doc V prescribed to use the Triderm to treat it. Naaawa ako every time I see your bottom, it's reddish and you are crying in pain, lalo na kapag nagagasgas sya ng diaper mo.

Thank you baby for making us happy. You are really a very priceless and wonderful gift from Him!

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