31 March 2012

Rewind 2: First Bath and Nail Cut

wawa naman, so sleeping well pa sya

the basil with flowers and money

she was still afraid of the water

Too bad, I did not use the wash cloth I bought

Crying out so loud

ayan nangitim tuloy hehe

ayan pukto tuloy mata - feeling fresh na sya, after 10 days with no bathing

thin thin baby JD

trimming time

her tiny toenails
tiny finger nails

21 March 2012

Welcome to the World Baby Jhaydii!

So cute!

I still looked pregnant here haha...

Birth Announcement created at Babycenter.com - actually is 49cm not 49 inches

the NICU nurse injects the antibiotic to jd

the blue light is the phototheraphy

Baby Jhaydii with Inay on March 25, 2012

Happy mama me!

16 March 2012

The Unusual Things I Experiened When I was Pregnant

Unlike some of the pregnant women, I never experienced pains like morning sickness (dizziness, vomiting, high blodd pressure, heart problems and the like). Below is the list of unusual thing I had when I was pregnant to JD.

  1. Growing belly (oh this is normal!)
  2. Increasing weight (and normal again haha)
  3. Moving tummy (normal!)
  4. Hemmorhoid (unfortunately, I had this)
  5. UTI
  6. I felt contraction at 17 weeks - my OB advised me to take ISOXILAN
  7. When my tummy was already big, I cant reach for my feet.
  8. I wore flat shoes ( I am more used to wearing high heels)
  9. I ate shawarma (love Turks!)
  10. I cooked at home and bring the rest as my baon in office
  11. Treated with care and specialty
  12. I never had a night shift schedule
  13. I did not drink coffee ( I was a coffee addict) soda, teas and juice drinks
  14. I lived a healthy life!
Yeah, those are the things I had in my pregnancy period. Furthermore, I was also having my MBA degree (last term) on my early term of pregnancy, so my mind was busy doing the reports, case analysis and some projects. I also took the written comprehensive exam when I was on my 37th week and case defense a month after I gave birth.

Our baby was so kind, she did not give me pain, she knew that her daddy is lightyears away and understood that he's not beside me to take care of me. I was thankful that my pregnancy period was painless, even my delivery (except the labor stage).

So mommy, mama, how was your pregnancy?

15 March 2012

Jhaydii's Stuff!

I loved buying things for our baby. Here are some of the few picks I had, bought them with my mother last January. 

This has costed me Php10k+

But not all of that will be brought to the hospital. I will make a separate post on what you will need to bring.


My Feet at 35 Weeks

I am one of those lucky pregnant women who did not have swollen feet. It stayed normal. I did not feel any pain or what you called pamamanas. Below is the proof.

35 weeks feet
Taken February 24, 2012

12 March 2012

10 March 2012

My Growing Belly

Not only that I love taking pictures of myself when I was pregnant, I so love taking the flesh and see how stretch my tummy was. Here are few of the photos I took.

I had a nice and smooth tummy then, I had no lines in the middle and my navel did not protrude. I only had few lines of stretch marks which became visible on my 8th month. It's very down there and you can't even see it when I held my shirt high. Maybe because I had a small tummy, nevertheless, I love it that I have few stretch marks.