22 December 2012

Jhaydii's Milestones

This is a sponsored post.

She just turned nine months yesterday, December 21st. And there had been so may unrecorded milestones of her for the past months. And may this simple post be enough to share you guys her amazing milestone. She ca sit on her 8th month, and we are very proud to see her sitting, perhaps someday, she could on watch some games, buy oregon state beavers football tickets ad enjoy watching.

O her 8th month too, she is able to crawl, and we are making fun of her, we enjoy seeing her crawl on the bed or on the floor. She can also perhaps use this watching the mentioned game, just buy wisconsin badgers football tickets and enjoy it!

I can also recall that when she was about to turn 8 months, her very first tooth protrude, and now  she has 2, one below and one under. Proof that can really soon be enjoying a game and buy wyoming cowboys football tickets :)

We are just waiting to see her sit on her own, stand on her own and walk on her own. And most of all be able to talk and utter words.....

Till then,

13 November 2012

My Baby's Milestones

Too many backlogs!
I find it hard to maintain and update this blog. I am already outdated, too many milestones that need to be recorded and yet, nothing has been published. Too many things to share but is not written. I hope I find an ample time to write Jhaydii's milestones, month by month.

I want to share that when she's 3 1/2 months, she was able to lie on her stomach, now she's turning around and I am afraid she might fall.

Hay, I do hope I could update this, if not, write the present :)

Till then,

19 September 2012

Why Mammapoko?

Why I have mammapoko as the blog url?
Basically because jhaydii (JD for short) used mamypoko as her first newborn diaper. Since I want to be called mama, I made a blog mammapoko.blogspot.com. I wanted just mamapoko, but someone has it already so I just doubled the M -. But eventually, I am planning to make it as my own domain not under blogger, I will have http://mamapoko.com (thank you blogger for giving me free blogging space!)

And here are the proof JD had mamypoko. But she still is using it, the slim brand of mamypoko, the yellow one.

baby jhaydii wearing newborn mamypoko diaper

And here is what she's using now....

she's hiyang here...

Another post to be written regarding my diaper trial, finding out what's best for our baby.

I want my daughter to read her story when she gows up, and realize how much we love her. We are very very much thankful for the most wonderful, priceless and precious gift we received from Him, 2 more ;)

That is how mammapoko blog BloMa...I Am "Dhi" Mama blog  is created. BloMa means Blogging Mama and "Dhi" means Dhina and that is me :) the working - mama/blogger.

You may contact me by sending an email at mommadhi@yahoo.com

Happy Blogging!

28 August 2012

When High WBC Strikes Again

A day after our baby turned 5 month old, a fever felt by Jhaydii made us to worry about was it all about - dengue is epidemic and we're afraid the fever is caused by it. 

At night of August 21, while we were sleeping and as I embraced her during her sleep, I felt her head was warm, I ignored and thought it was just normal. But as the night went through, she cried incessantly, made us worry really. When I couldn't stop her cries, my mother helped me out, she cuddled JD and tried to pacify. She did, but after some hour and after she had short sleep, she cried again. It kept on happening until the day of August 22nd. I cannot endure seeing her suffering and crying, my husband told me to bring her to her pediatrician and have her checked. So on the afternoon, I brought her to Community General Hospital.

Since it was already noon, her pedia had no clinic anymore, we checked in ER and she was examined. When we were there, she was active and happy, no trace of sickness can be seen. The attending nurse put the thermometer on her underarm and I held it until it beeped, showed 37 degrees C, so the resident doctor said "Ay walang lagnat" when she saw the temperature. She then gave me two referrals, one for urinalysis and the other is CBC. JD had them both. 

We waited for more than an hour to get the result, and finally had them. When I got the results I checked the platelets, it was normal - 300+ I was relieved knowing that she isn't have dengue. Checked the urinalysis - she has UTI. :(

I handed the results tothe resident physician, and was in a high tone saying "Mataas ang WBC!" (WBC is high). JD had 20.14 which should only be 2-10. And that was the cause of her fever. She was supposed to be admitted, but because rooms were fully utilized, we had no choice but to bring her home. Her pediatrician talked to the resident physician and me, she advised me that JD should take an antibiotic to decrease the WBC - she will take for 7 days (Amoxil).

When JD was born, she was left in the nursery for 4 days, because of her high WBC, which she got from me. That high WBC was treated during her stay. And now, she had it again. I was dubious or even unaware what's causing the WBC (white blood cells) to become high. Fortunately, when I go back to work after a week of leave of absence to take care of JD, Eunice, a registered nurse, explained to me the reason of getting a high WBC. JD has cold, and the bacteria is there so the WBC is infected fighting the bacteria. It became clear to me now why JD's WBC became high, because of her cold. So it must be shunned as much as possible.

She is completely well now, thank God. I was afraid of JD having her experience a high fever as high as 40. I did not sleep the night she was in that temperature, I waited for it to diminish before I took my sleep. 

High WBC can be prevented by staying away from bacteria or anything that will cause the baby sneeze and get cold. That's my assumption :) which I believe is true.

So mama, please watch those persons who will kiss your babies, say no don't kiss them on their cheek or any part of the face, kiss them anywhere of the body, to be safe.

Just to share,

02 August 2012

Rashes! Pissed!

I thought JD will never experience having rashes, but I was wrong. No matter how lenient we are in her hygiene, she wasn't able to escape from that red skin on her lower part. I pitied seeing her with red skin, I felt it was painful and itchy.

She was using PAMPERS Comfort as her diaper, and decided to switch/change to other brand HUGGIES when I noticed that the rashes did not vanish, even though I put on anti-rashes cream given to me by my nurse room mate. She was on her 4th month then.I seeked suggestion from my officemate, and she advised me to try MOMATE. I did, I bought it at P299, but to no avail, after a week or three, the rashes was still there. My mother also tried patting her bunga or nganga, it lessened the redness a bit.

The rashes stayed for long, so I decided to send JD's pediatrician a message and asked her what is the best cream to cure the redness. She advised me to use TRIDERM, bought it right away at roughly P500. After a week of using it, sighed, finally rashes was gone, I also changed diaper from Huggies to MAMYPOKO. I was relieved then and wishing that it would never come back again. Anyway, no worries, I still has triderm left :)

Till then,

Some Flashback

I haven't visited and updated this mam's blog of mine. It was created on February 2012 before I delivered and told myself that this will be my official mamma blog. Unfortunately, due perhaps I was very occupied and excited with the coming of our Angel, I forgot and found no time posting about my pregnancy.

So this is it, I believe it is time for me to share, spread the word and shout how proud I am to become a mother of our first born. I decided to have this blog separate from my I Just Opine and Mind Speaks so to speak all about pregnancy and parenting. I am more comfortable writing anything rather than voicing, so guys, here is my Mama Learns That....This is a blog seeking advice about motherhood and at the same time sharing what I have experienced as I go along the way.


21 May 2012

Rewind 3: Celebrating JD's 2nd Month Birthday

I am turning back to the post, although after this post has been in my homepage for few days, I will edit the date and publish it on when the 2nd month of my baby happened. 

her birthday red ribbon cake

oh my what happened to our baby
cute JD at 2 months
celebrating with tito, tita and ates kuya

so love ice cream
We celebrated her 2nd month in her daddy's place sa Mexico Pampanga. We went there on the 26th of April and return a month after. Papasok na din kasi ako nun sa work. Imagine JD travelled when she was only a month old, will make a separate post.

Puyat na naman ako nito... for sure kasi mag eenjoy ako mag update today... I am in the mood!

26 April 2012

Rewind 4: JD's First Travel

Few days after her one month birthday, lipad kami sa Mexico Pampanga, I mean, we traveled for more than 4 hours from Tiaong Quezon to Mexico Pampanga. Grabe no, imagine, JD was only a month old and yet the hell I care to bring her and traveled that long?

We were fetched by Tita Glo and Ninong, pinakiusapan kasi ni daddy J si Ninong na sunduin kami to spend some time in his place while I was on maternity leave. So si ninong, hindi makahindi, kaya ayun, mega sundo nya kami. I was even bothered, ano ipapakain ko sa kanila, sabi ko kasi sa inyo - probinsyana kami. Ang layo sa palengke so dapat sadyain talaga and buy something para may makain. And besides that, hindi din kami nag istock ng maraming food, dahil walang pang stock! Toink! Buti na lang madaming green leafy vegetables around :) solve! healthy pa.

And ito ang memories namin during JD's first travel. Kapagod to sit for long hours while she's on my lap. Ay wait lang guys ha, eatmuna ako, hindi ko makita yung pictures..... Tara let's eat - kinayod na manggang hilaw with sardinas! pagkaing mahirap na napakasarap! Try nyo!

Ayan, not only I'm done eating but also washing! Balikan ang naudlot na pag upload. Bad, wala pang picture, but there are videos, so here they are.

Maingay na sya noh?

Sleeping lang sya all through out, but of course there were moments na she'd cry because she wanted milk. Nasa front seat ako beside ninong, and it was really hard to feed JD, I was breastfeeding then, nahihiya ako ilabas yung totot ko :( SO uber cover ko sya ng kamay and damit ko, so it won't be seen. She's like that, very mabait, (dumaan pa kami ng Malabon kasi sinundo yung pamangkin ni daddy J), not until we were approaching Pampanga. Kung kelan malapit na, saka sya mega cry ng cry, as in very loud. Inugoy ugoy ko sya while I was sitting, and our titas and ninong told jd, "oh baby, malapit na, tahan na tahan na." When we reached the gate ng bahay, super cry pa din si jd, nabulahaw tuloy ang lola and she panicked. Baka daw basa, may pupu or something, so she gave me water para ma wash si baby, eh may wipes na kaya no need. So I changed her diaper and clothes. Ipapatawag pa sana si Darang Deck, but JD already stopped. Napagod lang siguro sa byahe kaya ganun. Baby talaga, she made us worried....

21 April 2012

Rewind 1: JD on Her 1st Month

Let's get backward... 
This photo was taken April 21, 2012 when JD was a month old. It was also her buhos-tubig, sa province kasi, while a baby is not baptized yet, it is necessary na mabuhusan muna sya para maigala. And we were going to Mexico Pampanga few days after that - to the place of her daddy. 

Red Ribbon cake

Ayan na binuhusan na sya ng tubig

1 month old JD
Headband: Nabili sa SM (Forgot the brand)
Mittens: Sanrio
Dress: Sanrio

Sorry for the date on the picture -  it wasn't set up. These were taken at Brgy. Cabatang Tiaong, Quezon. She weighed 3.9 kilograms and measured 50cm.

31 March 2012

Rewind 2: First Bath and Nail Cut

wawa naman, so sleeping well pa sya

the basil with flowers and money

she was still afraid of the water

Too bad, I did not use the wash cloth I bought

Crying out so loud

ayan nangitim tuloy hehe

ayan pukto tuloy mata - feeling fresh na sya, after 10 days with no bathing

thin thin baby JD

trimming time

her tiny toenails
tiny finger nails

21 March 2012

Welcome to the World Baby Jhaydii!

So cute!

I still looked pregnant here haha...

Birth Announcement created at Babycenter.com - actually is 49cm not 49 inches

the NICU nurse injects the antibiotic to jd

the blue light is the phototheraphy

Baby Jhaydii with Inay on March 25, 2012

Happy mama me!