12 February 2013

JD Will Soon Turn 1

Days go by so quickly, so as the babies. It's like every month there are many big developments and changes happening. This is why we should always savor and treasure the moments with our baby, because it is as if the time is so limited, limited yet so blessed.

JD will be turning one next month - March 21 to be exact. And I have no exact idea on what theme to be chosen, I haven't started anything yet. I can't start to organize as of the moment, hmmm, and I am sure I will be cramming when the time gets closer. I want to give her a nice party - it's her Christening Day as well, but how can I give her a nice one when I can't move and start organizing?


See - and I only have a simple list, hay. I hope I could find a right time to start. What will trigger me then? If you happen to bump into my blog and would like to share your idea - please I am very much welcome to entertain, I need a nice idea for a baby girl's 1st birthday :) Thank you so much!

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