05 September 2015

JD in the Stairs Accident

We thought it was just a slight wound.... but it wasn't...
 photo 1441447009146_zps6zryfz1s.jpg
JD at the hospital being stitched by Doc Clemente

See more in my detailed post at JD Gets Chin Stitches.

05 August 2015

Jd Has Sore Head

Last Monday, I noticed something wet on JD's head. She has sore head!!!! I also had it when I was young, because of head bugs, they were getting blood from my head haha. I hastily looked on her hair, searched on somthing that might be living there that caused her sore head. But I did not find anything. The case worsened, from one wound to four, my husband BBM'ed me on a Tuesday night and asked me

Daddy: Ma, bakit dumadami sugat ni JD sa ulo?
Me: hmmm.. chineck ko ulo, wala naman kuto. Maybe too strong shampoo kasi she's using for adult na which is Vaseline? Sige po, I'll buy her Johnson and Johnson (blue) na lang uli para wag magsugat. Tyaga na lang na mag amoy pawis kesa naman magsugat sya.
So before the grocery store closes, I went there and buy JD's J&J shampoo.

When I arrived home from office at 2AM, I checked JD's head while she was sleeping, and to my dismay, yeah, the one wound is now four. By only putting hands on her head, I can feel it gets worsen.

I googled how to cure it, and some mother say wash it with betadine, luckily, we already have one at home. The next day after I bathed her, I cleaned her head, her wounds, and decided to drop some FS or Fungisol liquid. She complained, "ma ang sakit" I told her "okay lang yan para gumaling sugat mo, tapat ko na lang sa fan para di masyado masakit". I advised my husband not to put FS again as it's only to be used once a day. So he just cleaned it with Betadine the night that I was at the office. I asked my husband what now happen to her head, he jokingly told me "ma lalong lumala".. I was worried, I told him to bring her to a derma and have her head checked. Mokong talaga, he then told me, joke lang, "magaling na, effective yung gamot."

When I again arrived from work, I checked her head and was happy to see the improvement. It was not as worst as the other day. FS was effective.

One reason perhaps is the shampoo we're using for her, she perspires a lot causing her hair smelly, thus, we decided to change J&J to Vaseline. Poor decision and we learned from it. JD's skin and scalp are not ready for adult stuff yet. Maghintay kasi, bata pa eh...

So lesson learned now, never use adult stuff to our 3 year old daughter yet.... Don't be like us mommies ha...


31 July 2015

Thanks Blogsvertise for Introducing DA

I registered my blogs to various sponsorial sites, site that serves as medium for advertisers and bloggers, in order to get promoted and do promotion. I do the latter. And one of the things that I appreciate for this sponsorial is giving you tips on how to increase your readership, set a price for your blog, and the like.
Blogsvertise, one of the old sponsorial sites I enrolled in, although I only did 4 jobs for them because of my blog's rank, it gives me a better appreciation because Blogsvertise shares tips on how to get more jobs, and the latest - which I received also through email, is how to set a price for your blog. One thing I get impressed with is knowing my blogs' DA or Domain Authority. It says that in order to get a higher price, a blogg need to have an average 30-40 DA. I didn't know of course how to determine my DA, thankfully, Blogsvertise has an hover over link that led me to seoreviews and check my DA. So right away, I checked mine.

I am surprised to know that this I Am Dhi Mama blog has this DA ;) with this, I need to set a higher price hehehe. Thanks much!

25 July 2015

JD in Donut Hair Bun

Will try this again tomorrow when we go to church. And her wearing a striped jumpsuit we bought her. Magmukha na syang lady nyan bukas. I'm excited hehe.. Will post another then. ;)

26 May 2015

Reminiscing JD Before Three

Ang dami kong namiss ipost, ang daming memories with JD na nakaka amaze, ang daming dapat ilathala para naman mabasa ni JD paglaki nya. She's witty and smart. At 2, straight na sya magsalita, hindi bulol, sa letter S lang sya sira, she pronounced it as T. Pero besides that, waley, amazing (syempre ako ang mama eh dapat ma amaze).

Here's one of her videos....

When we were at National Bookstore nga, when she was 2, my high school classmate who also has a 2 year old daughter saw and heard JD (she is working at the bookstore), she told me "Ang galing na magsalita. Ang anak ko utal pa".

She also has learned the alphabet, recognizing letters, shapes and colors. But numbers - not yet hehe. THat is why when she had her entrance exam at University of Assumption, she was able to pass it kasi alam na nya mga tinanong. And the school's kinder custodian assessed that JD is ready for school, we need to teach her the phonics na.

Ang dami pa.... So sobrang dami nyang kakulitan at nakakamanghang development, hindi ko na maalala lahat. Pero kahit anupaman. nasa puso namin ang lahat ng nakaka amuse na ginagawa ng aming anak.

At, maalala ko... andito kasi ko sa bahay, kaharap si JD and she peed. I remember when she was 2 and half, we already taught her to pee every night, gisingin ko sya para umihi at para hindi sya umihi sa bed. Also, we started to teach her not to wear diaper na, kapag nasa byahe na lang. Ang laking tipid hehe....

Dapat pala, I always update this with JD's moments di ba. Sayang, makikita kasi nya to and mababasa paglaki nya. Para malaman nya how much we love her... and how much her cousins love her, how much inay and tatay love her.

She is such a nice baby. I always say she's mabait, hindi gaya ng ibang bata na may tantrums or nang aaway or naninigaw or iyakin. Sya hindi, and I owe it to my mother. Inay nurtured JD for 3 years, sya mag alaga sa kanya while I am at work, going home in Tiaong every weekends only.... And I thank inay and tatay for bringing up JD a very nice baby. Salamat po ng marami..

Will post pictures kapag may naretrieve ako :)

24 February 2015


It's been too long - I've never written anything here since September 2014, the last post I have is when JD's hair was cut short, and now on December 2014, her hair hair was again cut short for the third time. And this blog is really outdated, I must remind myself and push to write.

JD will nearly celebrate her 3rd birthday on March 21, 2015. And we have no plan of celebrating it in expensive way - just a simple one. In preparation too for her schooling, yes, you read it right, she's going to school already, we have now a nursery (prep) and we are really excited, we hope she pass the admission exam on March 2 :)

That is why I and Jay are thinking of her future, our future, in order to support her needs. I will be sharing you some of the ways we have to keep our future secure ;) in another post. So for now, let me remind you that don't just think of today, of what you have now, think of your family's future.