18 February 2013


JD will be turning 11 months on Feb21st, and before she reaches that age, she expressed or she lets us know that she has a new language, the nanananana. Before, it was mamamamama (mama :) ) and now it's nanananana.

Additionally, we also discovered that she knows how to obey us, like when we were at Greenwich SM San Pablo last Sunday, while waiting for our orders, I took JD a video while she was on the move sitting at the high chair. She was mouting saliva, and I handed her the hanky and told her "Baby pahid mo laway mo", and we were surprised to see that JD wiped her face, yey! Inay and I were surprisingly happy to see her did that way.

She was also yelling in happiness that day. Seeing her in that behavior makes me feel so happy too.

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