27 February 2013

Finally Dadadade!

I am happy happy happy!
Finally! Today, she's uttering dadadade (for daddy)

She's 11 months now, and I am very happy to hear her saying and reiterating words dadadade and mamamama, with nananana.... To the max uber! Today, Thursday at 6:45am. O di ba bongga! Complete package! Pagsagot nila ng phone, I can clearly hear the dadadade....

I am currently talking to JD right now - she's in Tiaong with my parents. So mega call lang ako everyday para happy namin ang mama dhi! Niregister ko pa nga number ni inay sa globe for unlicall so that I can call her anytime (pwera na lang kapag cannot be reached sila, minsan din kasi walang signal, ganun sa probinsya, ganun sa bukid, ganun sa bundok). Sulit kasi I'm calling her because of JD, many times a day.

Hay, I just can't explain my happiness. Napapatawa ako ng malakas kanina over the phone, kahiya. Spare me, I just can't stop myself. Super daldal na nya ngayon. And smart I must say.

See you tomorrow our dear princess! We love you so much!

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