19 September 2012

Why Mammapoko?

Why I have mammapoko as the blog url?
Basically because jhaydii (JD for short) used mamypoko as her first newborn diaper. Since I want to be called mama, I made a blog mammapoko.blogspot.com. I wanted just mamapoko, but someone has it already so I just doubled the M -. But eventually, I am planning to make it as my own domain not under blogger, I will have http://mamapoko.com (thank you blogger for giving me free blogging space!)

And here are the proof JD had mamypoko. But she still is using it, the slim brand of mamypoko, the yellow one.

baby jhaydii wearing newborn mamypoko diaper

And here is what she's using now....

she's hiyang here...

Another post to be written regarding my diaper trial, finding out what's best for our baby.

I want my daughter to read her story when she gows up, and realize how much we love her. We are very very much thankful for the most wonderful, priceless and precious gift we received from Him, 2 more ;)

That is how mammapoko blog BloMa...I Am "Dhi" Mama blog  is created. BloMa means Blogging Mama and "Dhi" means Dhina and that is me :) the working - mama/blogger.

You may contact me by sending an email at mommadhi@yahoo.com

Happy Blogging!