18 February 2013

JD Wears Stuff From Zalora

And out of excitement, JD wore the stuff I shopped from Zalora on Sunday. And I so love them, I love how JD looked that day. Wearing the Celestina & Co pink headband and the Gingersnaps dress (for 18 month old), a little bigger for her age. It's okay kasi matagal na nya magagamit yun. So here she is!

Dress: Gingersnaps Gingham Ruffle Dress
Headband: Celestina & Co - Sydney
Shoes: Sugar Baby 

Funny though, the second photograph, kaya ko nga sya pinakuhanan ng nakatayo para whole body as in head to toe, pero the photog cut it, hindi isinama paa hanubayan! Okay na din...

And here is the 3 generation picture..

Inay, JD and Mama Dhi

I have to wait for another item I shopped at Zalora - the Bella Belle dress, I had to return it to exchange into a size smaller. I ordered 14 and it was too big for JD, the dress could fit a 4-5 year old girl, imagine that hehe. It was my first time and I have no idea yet as to the exact sizes to buy. 

I now have an idea - since I am a Gingersnaps lover, I will post JD's picture wearing them! Good idea! JD will be the model of this blog hehe..

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