07 February 2013

On Baby's Oral Care

As early as birth, our baby had her oral care. JD's mouth is being cleaned by the use of cotton balls dampened from the distilelled water. It was a bit tough cleaning her mouth though, pretty simple - it's because she has a tiny mouth making it hard to insert the pointing finger with a cotton, and the baby closes her mouth too as I cleanse it.

I already bought the silicon brush type - thought I can use it even JD is days old, but because her mouth is too small, I did not use it until she is 3 months old.

She's on her 10th month now, she has 4 teeth and so I brush her teeth regularly.

With the advice of a mother officemate, I bought a kiddie toothpaste, the one that is safe when swallowed - she told me to buy the Sansflou but was out-of-stock, so I decided to buy the Pigeon, a good brand.  From the time being, I love brushing her teeth using the silicon brush and orange flavor Pigeon baby toothpaste. Funny though, my baby bites my finger every time I brush her teeth :) And when I am not at home, my mother does the brushing.

This is a good way to train your baby how to take care of their teeth and their oral hygiene as well.

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