14 February 2012

JD Moves at 33 Weeks

I started feeling our baby moves at 5 months (26 weeks). I took a video of it while she was dancing and kicking inside me. But I love posting the strngest she had when she was on her 33rd week. Here is the video of her acrobats..

Isn't she's active? I love seeing her move like that, I love seeing my tummy flowing like a river and I love seeing my tummy move because I know our baby is active and healthy!

Till then, 

08 February 2012

Welcome Mama Dhina and Daddy Jay

This is another blog of mine - created for the purpose of narrating everything about my pregnancy and baby, and life as a wife. Hope everything will work here. Will try to monitor the progress and development of our baby who is about to witness the world anytime starting March 7, 2012 (expected due date on March 28, 2012).


A Peek of a Baby In My Womb

I love her shot here!

06 February 2012

Confirmed! We're Having A Girl

Guesses of my friends and relatives were right. We were having a girl!

When I had my ultrasound last December 2011 at In My Womb - Mall of Asia, the OB showed me our baby's gender. And was happy to see that it was a girl! So we named her Jhaydii, meaning God's gift and also, a combination of our name Jay and Dhina.

24 weeks and 5 days

I love baby girl!

Till then,

05 February 2012

What to Expect During the Pre-Natal Check Up

Post is here

    That picture is me, taken 09/24/11, on my 3rd month of pregnancy. It's less obvious then, you won;t even notice that I was pregnant. I weighed 100lbs before I got pregnant, and here, I was 106lbs. It's normal to gain weight, you eat for two, but not too much for 2, just enough you know. You don't want to be as big as a dolphin do you. Here's my pregnancy weight tracker a month before I gave birth.

    Be blessed!

    03 February 2012

    I Am Expecting

    See my post here..

    Ultrasound picture at 2 months (8 weeks)
    I had no idea that my ultrasound at that time was intraV... whew....

    01 February 2012