29 April 2013

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So sorry, I missed my mammapoko :( I had been busy going back and forth to our home in Pampanga that I couldn't find enough time to write about what's happening with me and baby JD.

What to expect, daddy j came here for a vacation and we needed to make the most of it, as one small happy family. And yes! We did it! I am still fulfilled and very happy although I forgot mammapoko for awhile.

And it's time now to make this alive. :) So many things to write about... Will be flashing back again. Hope I can make it!

Happy blogging!

15 April 2013

When JD Starts to Walk

I was very eager and wanted JD to learn how to walk. I was wishing that she walks early. Not to wait anymore! No more wishing and staring at JD. She already is starting to walk (on her own for few steps), with us guiding her - baka madapa sya. She can't walk on her own pa for long, so while she's taking her steps, we are beside her supporting and guiding her. And as eager as she is, while walking, mega smile and laugh pa ang peg ng baby namin, nakakatuwa syang tingnan, kahit na minsan e she falls.

She began her steps before she turned a year old. And had taking many steps exactly on April 15, 2013.

guided by Ate Kate and Ate Leslie.
Video taken by Daddy J - photo grabbed

Just last Sunday, she stays awake the whole mass. Ewan ko ba, nakatulog na sya on our way to the church, pero nagising when were there. We are on the dot, so madami pang upuan na pwede upuan. We were at the last row, yung nahahagip kami ng fan kasi JD is so pawisin. Okay na eh, I was happy sitting there kaso, JD is so active, she touched yung schoolmate ko beside us, so mega smile naman si lady. Then Inay gave us the pamaymay, she did not know na ok na kami with the air from the wall fan. Kinuha ko pa din sya to make sure baka nga pawisin pa din si JD. Kaso, JD wanted to play with it, and she cried kapag did ko binibigay. So I gave it to her. Akala ko she'll be able to tame, huhu... but not. Kasi binibitawan nya yung pamaypay, sa likod pa namin. So ako, I can't reach it para damputin, naabala yung nasa likod namin kakapulot, eh may baby din sya.... Ganun ng ganun. And she cried pa kapag di nakukuha ang gusto, pati pamaypay ng nasa likod namin gusto nya kunin. I can't endure her that way na ganun sya kaingay and likot. So tumayo nlng kami and we went outside standing. Sa labas naman, ayaw nya pakarga, gust nya maglakad. Okay pahbigyan. She pulled everything of her reach! Oh, JD's so grown up na talaga. Malikot and active. She wanted to make sawsaw to the holy water beside the church's door, I let it, and kapag ilalayo ko na sya, iiyak na.... Nililibang ko na lang sya.

And I decided to sit again, beside my classmate naman. Nakaupo na kami cuddling JD. But she didn't want to, she insisted on standing and walking. Pinapakealaman na nya yung umbrella ng classmate ko, and wanted to go away from our seat. So again, umalis kami, she walks and I guide her. Ang cute ni JD, while we were at the aisle as she walked, hawak ko isang kamay nya, she looked back on the seat of my classmate where we were seated and kumaway sya dun :) cute cute. Twice nya ginawa yun. Tuwang tuwa nakakita sa amin eh! All the time gising sya!

After the mass, we went to her ninang and spend our time until lunch - there, naglikot din sya :D

Hay JD, I know you are one year old na and I cannot stop you from growing. You are now in the stage of developing and curiosity so everything is tried. Just make it slow baby, para mabigyan kita ng madmi pang time.

I love you baby! Mwah mwah mwah :* :* :*

Till then,