31 July 2015

Thanks Blogsvertise for Introducing DA

I registered my blogs to various sponsorial sites, site that serves as medium for advertisers and bloggers, in order to get promoted and do promotion. I do the latter. And one of the things that I appreciate for this sponsorial is giving you tips on how to increase your readership, set a price for your blog, and the like.
Blogsvertise, one of the old sponsorial sites I enrolled in, although I only did 4 jobs for them because of my blog's rank, it gives me a better appreciation because Blogsvertise shares tips on how to get more jobs, and the latest - which I received also through email, is how to set a price for your blog. One thing I get impressed with is knowing my blogs' DA or Domain Authority. It says that in order to get a higher price, a blogg need to have an average 30-40 DA. I didn't know of course how to determine my DA, thankfully, Blogsvertise has an hover over link that led me to seoreviews and check my DA. So right away, I checked mine.

I am surprised to know that this I Am Dhi Mama blog has this DA ;) with this, I need to set a higher price hehehe. Thanks much!

25 July 2015

JD in Donut Hair Bun

Will try this again tomorrow when we go to church. And her wearing a striped jumpsuit we bought her. Magmukha na syang lady nyan bukas. I'm excited hehe.. Will post another then. ;)