24 February 2015


It's been too long - I've never written anything here since September 2014, the last post I have is when JD's hair was cut short, and now on December 2014, her hair hair was again cut short for the third time. And this blog is really outdated, I must remind myself and push to write.

JD will nearly celebrate her 3rd birthday on March 21, 2015. And we have no plan of celebrating it in expensive way - just a simple one. In preparation too for her schooling, yes, you read it right, she's going to school already, we have now a nursery (prep) and we are really excited, we hope she pass the admission exam on March 2 :)

That is why I and Jay are thinking of her future, our future, in order to support her needs. I will be sharing you some of the ways we have to keep our future secure ;) in another post. So for now, let me remind you that don't just think of today, of what you have now, think of your family's future.