19 February 2013

JD Loves Avent

In my self-hosted blog I Just Opine, I wrote how JD loves the Avent feeding bottle (plus ako, I love it too hehe).

I really did not know what Avent is. The first time I saw it was when I was baby-shopping at Baby Company in SM San Pablo wherein my friend Alfred was assisting me (he was the Manager then). When I was looking at the feeding bottles' section, napatapat ako sa Avent, not so interested though, but Alfred handed the box to me and out of curiosity I checked on it. It's worth Php3k (oh em, for 4 pcs bottles, 1 bottle brush 2 extra nipples and 1 pacifier??? x_x) , and the miser me hastily gave back the box to Alfred, even smashed it to Alfred sa sobrang mahal.

As I was getting closer to my due date, I saw my friends' babies are using the Avent feeding bottles, that started my interest to buy a starter set for JD. I kept on coming back at SM Hypermarket in Mall of Asia to see the Avent bottles, (sa pagpunta punta ko lang dun nadadagdagan ang pagkagusto ko sa bagay na yaon). Until one day, as I passed by again at that store, I saw that Avent was on 20% off. That was the time that I finally purchased one set for JD.
photo from Avent website
She uses these all 4, but never the pacifier. She doesn't want it no matter how many times I attempted to put it on her mouth.

Her daddy bought another 2 (the honey tint 11ml each costed 60AED - convert it to peso that will cost Php660, find it in store here in the Philippines, I saw it costs Php1k+ each) a pink toddler baby mug and an avent blue bag in Dubai, cheaper compare here in the Philippines.

Using this brand has advantages, that is why it is way expensive compare to other brands. But still, I prefer it as it helps prevent and minimizes colic and any other thing that causes baby to cry. Do visit the Avent site for more information.
when JD was 1 turning 2 month old

We are AVENT fan.

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