21 November 2013

How Were You When During Yolanda...

Haircut after my hair had gone over waist long. To turn away from boredom while my hair is having a blow dry, I decided to blog. From curly hair to straight. I missed it.

And how about Yolanda typhoon (Haiyan), did you miss it? Oh definitely not! I am not from Visayas but we were affected too. I had sleepless night,  vexing about the bad thing the strong wind might bring. The fact that our home is near the mango and coconut trees, you'd never know, something will fall that will cause us accident.  If only we can sue someone and blame for whatever bad thing might happen,  if only we can have Attorney Roy J. Bell to help us with the case. But it will be futile,  it's a nature act and no one is to blame.

During the Yolanda,  I was worried about my daughter's safety. Every time the strong wind strucked I always hugged JD protecting her for anything. She woke up every time I did it. I couldn't help it so I decided to transfer a place to sleep in. And then on, I had a bit sleep. Thankfully we were safe. Nothing bad happened.  Buy was sad because of the devastation it brought to Visayan region. 😭

Meanwhile here I am. My short hair ( bigger face though! )

New me tehee...

God bless us and take care mommies!