27 February 2013

Rewind 5: JD's 3rd Month

I am on the 3rd month! 
Whew, 8 more - oh em, pressure itey, next month is her birthday na. Hmmm, wait wait, good idea, I need to finish this rewind before she turns 1... And before that happens, let's get the ball rolling.... 

See  how JD looks like JD in these pictures.. 
cake and ice cream! tabachingching cute cute!
Sunday Church Time
Dalaga na she here.. Hairband doesn't fit her yet, excited lang ako haha.. She looks mature tuloy
she's already dumadapa at 3months

Pictures show na nakakadapa na sya by that time.Ilang kilo nga ba sya nito nun, hhhmm lemme think.... she weighed 5.7 kgs. and measured 62cm. When she was 2 months she was 4.9 kgs. and 57cm.

I remember pa pala, we started to give her solid food, a small amount lang naman. A pinch of cake na isinubo ko sa kanya, gusto din naman nya matikman handa nya di ba?

Kami pala ang laughing haha, not JD :D

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