21 November 2013

How Were You When During Yolanda...

Haircut after my hair had gone over waist long. To turn away from boredom while my hair is having a blow dry, I decided to blog. From curly hair to straight. I missed it.

And how about Yolanda typhoon (Haiyan), did you miss it? Oh definitely not! I am not from Visayas but we were affected too. I had sleepless night,  vexing about the bad thing the strong wind might bring. The fact that our home is near the mango and coconut trees, you'd never know, something will fall that will cause us accident.  If only we can sue someone and blame for whatever bad thing might happen,  if only we can have Attorney Roy J. Bell to help us with the case. But it will be futile,  it's a nature act and no one is to blame.

During the Yolanda,  I was worried about my daughter's safety. Every time the strong wind strucked I always hugged JD protecting her for anything. She woke up every time I did it. I couldn't help it so I decided to transfer a place to sleep in. And then on, I had a bit sleep. Thankfully we were safe. Nothing bad happened.  Buy was sad because of the devastation it brought to Visayan region. 😭

Meanwhile here I am. My short hair ( bigger face though! )

New me tehee...

God bless us and take care mommies!

27 September 2013

I Won in Go Bananas

I was really decided to work on an extended hour on a Friday morning, but because entries that I needed to book did not come as I expected, I went home in our boarding house and forget going home in the province. And again, because of that I decided to go to PLM (Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila) to get my TOR (transcript of record). My initial plan was to get it next week but after thinking I might find it difficult I went on a Friday morning after office.

I did not expected that traffic was heavier than usual, due to many excavations around. I wasn't really feeling sleepy yet. I did not time my travel, all I know is I reached PLM's registrar at 9:45 am. The process was fast, in less than 2 or 3 minutes I got my TOR.

Went home right away. The jeepney was bound to Baclaran and my way was at Buendia, so at 7 11 I walked my way home. Passing by the Lotto... naisipko tumaya, ay wag na, walked again but parang may tumatawag sa akin. So i turbedback and bought 1 Go Bananas scratch card. Scratched the 9 bananas. Any 3 matching amounts means winning. And to my happiness, I got 3 Php40 matched amounts haha. So I won! Balik taya kasi the scratched card was Php20. Sayang, i had 2 Php5,000.isa na lang and 5k na sana panalo ko.

My first time! I remember when I was pregnant, I think I had 5 times experience buying the Go Bananas but did not win any.. Sabi kasi swerte daw ang buntis kaya yun taya ako...

Anyway, I am happy with the Php40 I received.next time I hope kahit 3 digits lang hehe...


01 June 2013

Whwn Daddy's Home: Vaccine Time!

April 14, 2013 was the first time Daddy J was withnus during JD's vaccine- the MMRV. Daddy J noticed how Jd is during vaccination. I let him assist jd, hawakan ng mahigpit para di malikot..

Here they are captured!
 photo SanPabloCity-20130413-04464_zps6b0c44e6.jpg
para namang isinusubo na ni daddy ung toy kay JD :( bad!
Till then,

24 May 2013

Jhaydii as Princess Belle

It was a simple birthday party. Relatives of me and my hubby were there to witness the celebration of our daughter. Ay mahabang alalahanin to... way too old... we celebrated Jd's birthday on the day of her Baptism, March 23. It was done at the resort... and now I forgot the name. Medyo may amnesia na akl :( dotage!

Typical celebration.. Clown, foods catered by one of tita glo's classmates, red ribbon cakes (medyo fail lang kasi wala sila for princess belle) games, prizes and pictures! Because it was a momentous event, we decided to hire a photographer to better capture the moments. (Not pro though). I will share photos later. Magsesave pa ako from facebook eh.

Meantime, family picture muna... patapos na celebration nyan eh gift opening part..

We were happy for the turnout of the party. Medyo mainit lang sa venue,  good thing was the visitors were patiently there until the end. Tiring di ba. Meron naman mga fans around to lessen the init. You know Pampanga right? It's in Central Luzon and the Philippines is in the mid of the globe, so meaning super hot sa central part.

I want to make this post short and let the pictures tell you how we had it.

Want to know how much we spent? For a simple celebration we incurred almost php60k.

Venue 5k
Foods and catering plus reception design = 25k
Photographer 6k
Clowns 2.5k
Sound System 2k
Cakes 2.5k
give aways (tumbler and pins) 3.7k
tarpaulin 1k
costume 1.5k
Remaining etc

Masaya magcelebrate especially if the family is complete. A moment and event that always should be remembered and treasured.

Ano naman kaya masasabi no jhaydii when she gets old and sees my blog? Papadelete kaya nya kasi it's all about her ^_^

Till then,

16 May 2013

JD's Baptism

 photo 1-2_zps8e2db574.jpg
so adorable

 photo 2-2_zpsb7b4b6a4.jpg
me carrying JD
 photo 3-2_zps25f3c927.jpg
Giving JD to Daddy JD as asked by Fr. Homer

 photo 5-2_zps3307a78f.jpg
And JD was so antok she slept the entire ceremony

 photo 7-1_zps689ce209.jpg
Ninang Kamile and Ninong Gerald
 photo 11_zps4d4b79cd.jpg
Add caption
 photo 13_zpsc0761179.jpg
 photo 12_zps0b93a1a8.jpgThen came my turn, I went in front to light the big blue candle for use later.  photo 8_zps131a1597.jpg  photo 11_zps4d4b79cd.jpg

29 April 2013

Back to Blogging Mode

So sorry, I missed my mammapoko :( I had been busy going back and forth to our home in Pampanga that I couldn't find enough time to write about what's happening with me and baby JD.

What to expect, daddy j came here for a vacation and we needed to make the most of it, as one small happy family. And yes! We did it! I am still fulfilled and very happy although I forgot mammapoko for awhile.

And it's time now to make this alive. :) So many things to write about... Will be flashing back again. Hope I can make it!

Happy blogging!

15 April 2013

When JD Starts to Walk

I was very eager and wanted JD to learn how to walk. I was wishing that she walks early. Not to wait anymore! No more wishing and staring at JD. She already is starting to walk (on her own for few steps), with us guiding her - baka madapa sya. She can't walk on her own pa for long, so while she's taking her steps, we are beside her supporting and guiding her. And as eager as she is, while walking, mega smile and laugh pa ang peg ng baby namin, nakakatuwa syang tingnan, kahit na minsan e she falls.

She began her steps before she turned a year old. And had taking many steps exactly on April 15, 2013.

guided by Ate Kate and Ate Leslie.
Video taken by Daddy J - photo grabbed

Just last Sunday, she stays awake the whole mass. Ewan ko ba, nakatulog na sya on our way to the church, pero nagising when were there. We are on the dot, so madami pang upuan na pwede upuan. We were at the last row, yung nahahagip kami ng fan kasi JD is so pawisin. Okay na eh, I was happy sitting there kaso, JD is so active, she touched yung schoolmate ko beside us, so mega smile naman si lady. Then Inay gave us the pamaymay, she did not know na ok na kami with the air from the wall fan. Kinuha ko pa din sya to make sure baka nga pawisin pa din si JD. Kaso, JD wanted to play with it, and she cried kapag did ko binibigay. So I gave it to her. Akala ko she'll be able to tame, huhu... but not. Kasi binibitawan nya yung pamaypay, sa likod pa namin. So ako, I can't reach it para damputin, naabala yung nasa likod namin kakapulot, eh may baby din sya.... Ganun ng ganun. And she cried pa kapag di nakukuha ang gusto, pati pamaypay ng nasa likod namin gusto nya kunin. I can't endure her that way na ganun sya kaingay and likot. So tumayo nlng kami and we went outside standing. Sa labas naman, ayaw nya pakarga, gust nya maglakad. Okay pahbigyan. She pulled everything of her reach! Oh, JD's so grown up na talaga. Malikot and active. She wanted to make sawsaw to the holy water beside the church's door, I let it, and kapag ilalayo ko na sya, iiyak na.... Nililibang ko na lang sya.

And I decided to sit again, beside my classmate naman. Nakaupo na kami cuddling JD. But she didn't want to, she insisted on standing and walking. Pinapakealaman na nya yung umbrella ng classmate ko, and wanted to go away from our seat. So again, umalis kami, she walks and I guide her. Ang cute ni JD, while we were at the aisle as she walked, hawak ko isang kamay nya, she looked back on the seat of my classmate where we were seated and kumaway sya dun :) cute cute. Twice nya ginawa yun. Tuwang tuwa nakakita sa amin eh! All the time gising sya!

After the mass, we went to her ninang and spend our time until lunch - there, naglikot din sya :D

Hay JD, I know you are one year old na and I cannot stop you from growing. You are now in the stage of developing and curiosity so everything is tried. Just make it slow baby, para mabigyan kita ng madmi pang time.

I love you baby! Mwah mwah mwah :* :* :*

Till then,

08 March 2013

When Daddy's Home: JD Meets Her Daddy

If you will notice, I'd never posted anything here with daddy J's picture. Don't think that I gave birth without a father huh! Nope, I am not a single parent ;) fortunately \m/ Now, I am happy to tell you a story having daday J in our life - physically, I can now post here with him together with JD and me, yipee!

Daddy J has been away from me a month after we got married, and he'd never seen JD since birth. He's an ofw and endured a year of being apart from us. He works in Dubai as a foreman in a aluminum fabricating company. And as you know, ofw spends their vacation too. Grab the luck! Daddy J finally meets JD :D and took a chance to take of her for more than one month.

On March 8, 2013 - Friday afternoon, we went to the airport to fetch Daddy J - of course with JD (Jd's first time in airport hehe ). Being used to travelling, we've never heard her having tantrums, I love her being mabait and patient at travel.... (Wag sana sya layas paglaki nya :( )

We waited at the arrival area for too long, afraid of being caught of the traffic, we decided to leave Pampanga at 3pm (Daddy J's arrival is 7pm). But never mind how long, so long as daddy will be with us in few hours. Beforehand, let's have some picture taking - JD never seems to be tired, she loves camera now (although I don't have something to post yet - I mean picture... need to ask from my niece :) ) Enjoy naman kami while waiting kasi we were having fun taking pictures.

At the airport

As the time approaches, we decided to sit at the waiting area - we can see the flights arriving, yey! Finally we saw daddy J's flight. Hmmm tagal naman, I was tired looking up at the monitor at abangan sya na bumaba... And besides JD is so malikot. Until I heard Kate yelling - ayan na si tito ayan na si tito! naks, ang linaw ng mata. I saw him going down and my heat beats fast, I was excited again, not only because I finally be with him, but because JD will feel tha warmth of his father :)

Hay, how we missed him. When he's with us, he kissed me and JD. And at the van, he was the one who cuddled JD and fell asleep (sweet). Si JD, hindi sya natakot or nailag sa ama nya. she knows perhaps that "ay tatay ko to, namiss ko sya ng matagal kaya he deserves my attention."

And we went home together :D Now we're complete! Happy family! (photos to post later)

Till then,

07 March 2013

Happy 11th Month Birthday JD!

February 21 2013 was JD's 11th month birthday. They say, prepare something in celebration of the monthly birthday. And 11th month, one month to go and it's her birthday!

What I had for JD? Ehem, let the pictures tell you.Anyway, March 3 was my 32nd birthday so I had JD's11th month birthday celebrated on the day of my birthday para isahan na lang. It was not too far naman from February 21st eh.

So here are the pictures to tell you how JD had her 11th month birthday ;) (and the internet gets slow, so I need to postpone uploading the pictures) [-X

Trying to post pictures (for the 4th time)

I am not sure whay they are up to here (with cousin xanelle)

Mama and jhaydii

showing her pretty smile

agree with me? isn't she pretty?
Clap clap for successfully uploading the pictures! \m/

For additional story, please read here, click My Happy 32nd Birthday.

And because it's already late, alas dose trese na ng madaling araw, and internet is so slow, I need to take a sleep for tomorrow's work. 

God bless us all and Lord thank you for the day that had passed. O:-)

Till then :-x

06 March 2013

Rewind 8: JD on her 6th Month Onwards

Because I think I will be having super dooper busy days I decided to have JD's update in one post from her 6th month to 10 months. Medyo refreshed pa mind ko to post for her 11th month. I will try to remember the whats during those months with the help of the pictures. Maganda tong blog na to, magandang may ganito, this is like a diary na pwedeng basahin ni jd and of her future siblings, makita nila how they grow up and loved by us. 

To start of.....

6th Month

 Baby can't wait for the cake, humay, dinakma na oh..... She loves touching objects on her 6th month actually nung 5th month pa ata or 4. SSaya no, she wants to taste her cake \m/  ....


Mega cry ang baby when her hand is pulled out from the cake. We love to prepare paulit ulit na food sa monthly celebration nya. Pancit, sopas, spaghetti and cake.Minsan may ice cream. 

See your lower gum, you began teething. Naglaway ko uber that time. We thought it was because you're teeting. Late 5th month of you, we brought you to your pedia kasi sobra paglalaway mo. And we found out may singaw ka malalaki. So Dra. Villanueva prescribed the daktarin. Thankfully naging okay ka na and nag heal na ang singaw. No more singaw after that yey! ;) . Cool 8-|

7th Month

Will try to remember again with the help of the pictures. Let me first dig my memory. On your 7th month, you are able to make gapang, yun nga lang minsan paatras. And it is the month where you have your teeth! What more interesting is, you have a very thick hair @:-) everyone who sees you praises your hair. To vouch, ito ang mga photos nya on her 7th month.  Hindi masyadong madami no? ;) :P :O tyagain na lang ang pag scroll mga fwends ;) 0*-)

amaze na amaze si baby

yan nga pala, lagi ka ngumanganga
 On your 7th month, we did not know pano mo natutunan ang pagnganga. Every time you are asked "Pano sabi ni dagul (aso)?" sagot mo :D nganga! It also becomes your greeting, sa halip na smile, you are first to open your mouth like :O . 

eating fries


takot ka kay jobie

magha halloween

 And look at us here para tayong timang haha :DD
ayan ka na naman si dakma hehe kaya dapat patay candle kasi hinahawakan mo

tulo laway because you're teethng

your nganga :D

 <3 cute cute pretty pretty <3 \m/


8th Month

Hay kapagod... Pero inspired at the same time. Again photos on her 8th month. Finally teeth showed up! :D :o   :-)8<

in Mexico Pampanga with Ate Kate

hindi mo favorite yang Gingersnaps dress na yan

<3 you're 8 months! celebrating it with your cousins - the ninja kids <3

with tita baby

eating egg

messy! (:-D

Yo had it in Mexico Pampanga.We came there for you Apong Erning's birthday. And on your 9th month, birthday naman ni Apong Carmen, you again celebrated it in Mexico Pampanga. 

9th Month

improvised ang candle hehe :*

<3 ayan na naman si dakma hehehe <3
it's Christmas!
Dress: Oshkosh
Shoes: Crib Couture

So many things forgotten..:( Let those pictures be the reminder :)

And for your 10th Month just click that words ;)

Tired! :-& Galing pa kasi ako sa night shift work and I have not slept yet :-)~ Pero because it's done na, I can sleep now. No more month's rewind.