05 August 2015

Jd Has Sore Head

Last Monday, I noticed something wet on JD's head. She has sore head!!!! I also had it when I was young, because of head bugs, they were getting blood from my head haha. I hastily looked on her hair, searched on somthing that might be living there that caused her sore head. But I did not find anything. The case worsened, from one wound to four, my husband BBM'ed me on a Tuesday night and asked me

Daddy: Ma, bakit dumadami sugat ni JD sa ulo?
Me: hmmm.. chineck ko ulo, wala naman kuto. Maybe too strong shampoo kasi she's using for adult na which is Vaseline? Sige po, I'll buy her Johnson and Johnson (blue) na lang uli para wag magsugat. Tyaga na lang na mag amoy pawis kesa naman magsugat sya.
So before the grocery store closes, I went there and buy JD's J&J shampoo.

When I arrived home from office at 2AM, I checked JD's head while she was sleeping, and to my dismay, yeah, the one wound is now four. By only putting hands on her head, I can feel it gets worsen.

I googled how to cure it, and some mother say wash it with betadine, luckily, we already have one at home. The next day after I bathed her, I cleaned her head, her wounds, and decided to drop some FS or Fungisol liquid. She complained, "ma ang sakit" I told her "okay lang yan para gumaling sugat mo, tapat ko na lang sa fan para di masyado masakit". I advised my husband not to put FS again as it's only to be used once a day. So he just cleaned it with Betadine the night that I was at the office. I asked my husband what now happen to her head, he jokingly told me "ma lalong lumala".. I was worried, I told him to bring her to a derma and have her head checked. Mokong talaga, he then told me, joke lang, "magaling na, effective yung gamot."

When I again arrived from work, I checked her head and was happy to see the improvement. It was not as worst as the other day. FS was effective.

One reason perhaps is the shampoo we're using for her, she perspires a lot causing her hair smelly, thus, we decided to change J&J to Vaseline. Poor decision and we learned from it. JD's skin and scalp are not ready for adult stuff yet. Maghintay kasi, bata pa eh...

So lesson learned now, never use adult stuff to our 3 year old daughter yet.... Don't be like us mommies ha...