22 December 2012

Jhaydii's Milestones

This is a sponsored post.

She just turned nine months yesterday, December 21st. And there had been so may unrecorded milestones of her for the past months. And may this simple post be enough to share you guys her amazing milestone. She ca sit on her 8th month, and we are very proud to see her sitting, perhaps someday, she could on watch some games, buy oregon state beavers football tickets ad enjoy watching.

O her 8th month too, she is able to crawl, and we are making fun of her, we enjoy seeing her crawl on the bed or on the floor. She can also perhaps use this watching the mentioned game, just buy wisconsin badgers football tickets and enjoy it!

I can also recall that when she was about to turn 8 months, her very first tooth protrude, and now  she has 2, one below and one under. Proof that can really soon be enjoying a game and buy wyoming cowboys football tickets :)

We are just waiting to see her sit on her own, stand on her own and walk on her own. And most of all be able to talk and utter words.....

Till then,