06 March 2013

Rewind 8: JD on her 6th Month Onwards

Because I think I will be having super dooper busy days I decided to have JD's update in one post from her 6th month to 10 months. Medyo refreshed pa mind ko to post for her 11th month. I will try to remember the whats during those months with the help of the pictures. Maganda tong blog na to, magandang may ganito, this is like a diary na pwedeng basahin ni jd and of her future siblings, makita nila how they grow up and loved by us. 

To start of.....

6th Month

 Baby can't wait for the cake, humay, dinakma na oh..... She loves touching objects on her 6th month actually nung 5th month pa ata or 4. SSaya no, she wants to taste her cake \m/  ....


Mega cry ang baby when her hand is pulled out from the cake. We love to prepare paulit ulit na food sa monthly celebration nya. Pancit, sopas, spaghetti and cake.Minsan may ice cream. 

See your lower gum, you began teething. Naglaway ko uber that time. We thought it was because you're teeting. Late 5th month of you, we brought you to your pedia kasi sobra paglalaway mo. And we found out may singaw ka malalaki. So Dra. Villanueva prescribed the daktarin. Thankfully naging okay ka na and nag heal na ang singaw. No more singaw after that yey! ;) . Cool 8-|

7th Month

Will try to remember again with the help of the pictures. Let me first dig my memory. On your 7th month, you are able to make gapang, yun nga lang minsan paatras. And it is the month where you have your teeth! What more interesting is, you have a very thick hair @:-) everyone who sees you praises your hair. To vouch, ito ang mga photos nya on her 7th month.  Hindi masyadong madami no? ;) :P :O tyagain na lang ang pag scroll mga fwends ;) 0*-)

amaze na amaze si baby

yan nga pala, lagi ka ngumanganga
 On your 7th month, we did not know pano mo natutunan ang pagnganga. Every time you are asked "Pano sabi ni dagul (aso)?" sagot mo :D nganga! It also becomes your greeting, sa halip na smile, you are first to open your mouth like :O . 

eating fries


takot ka kay jobie

magha halloween

 And look at us here para tayong timang haha :DD
ayan ka na naman si dakma hehe kaya dapat patay candle kasi hinahawakan mo

tulo laway because you're teethng

your nganga :D

 <3 cute cute pretty pretty <3 \m/


8th Month

Hay kapagod... Pero inspired at the same time. Again photos on her 8th month. Finally teeth showed up! :D :o   :-)8<

in Mexico Pampanga with Ate Kate

hindi mo favorite yang Gingersnaps dress na yan

<3 you're 8 months! celebrating it with your cousins - the ninja kids <3

with tita baby

eating egg

messy! (:-D

Yo had it in Mexico Pampanga.We came there for you Apong Erning's birthday. And on your 9th month, birthday naman ni Apong Carmen, you again celebrated it in Mexico Pampanga. 

9th Month

improvised ang candle hehe :*

<3 ayan na naman si dakma hehehe <3
it's Christmas!
Dress: Oshkosh
Shoes: Crib Couture

So many things forgotten..:( Let those pictures be the reminder :)

And for your 10th Month just click that words ;)

Tired! :-& Galing pa kasi ako sa night shift work and I have not slept yet :-)~ Pero because it's done na, I can sleep now. No more month's rewind.

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