05 March 2013

Rewind 7: JD on Her 5th Month

This is actually the start where JD becomes more irresistable. Even gets more makulit, lovelier and smarter. Here are the photos of her during her 5th month.

tulog ka and ginising ka namin for your celebration
sa humble kusina namin - inay cooks pancit canton
yummy pancit canton cooked by inay
and the luscious sopas
you rarely smile pa sa cam - now your handa are ready
you can stand with support pero may takot pa
your visitors (cousins and xanelle)
you're afraid to ride
feeding you a cerelac na ayaw mo - iniluluwa mo yun
I saw Ninong Ike one time - he was going somewhere riding her motorcycle. He gave me a hundred bucks, sabi nya "anong kinakain ni baby?" sabay abot ng 1 hundred "ito o pambili mo ng pagkain nya". Kaya I bought cerelac for you but you do not like it. I tried to feed you again baka magustuhan mo na, but still niluluwa mo, so we gave it to the neighbor na lang.

you wear a beautiful smile baby
sarap ng tulog mo

I bought you that gym toy para may libangan ka
Kaagaw mo si xanelle sa mga toys baby. And being as young as you, wala ka magawa hehe. You enjoy listening and playing with that toy though.

wearing Crib Couture


Crib Couture dress

Favorite kita bilhan ng clothes from Crib Couture because it's made of cotton, and confortable to wear.


This time na 5 months ka na, you can hold your head na baby. And you really have pretty smile, paulit ulit ako! Sorry naman, proud mam lang! haha.... Nasa genes yan! chos!

Sunday Church - you wear Crib Couture again (pang 18 months haha)

Yellow looks good to you JD, that is why I bought you maraming yellow ata. And daddy j disagrees with me na puro yellow and ibili ko sayo. lalo ka kasing pumuputi when you're wearing yellow. I also buy you bigger sizes because I don't want you to use them just once or twice, kahit paulit ulit - sulit!

Ang hirap ng nirerecall lang. I hardly remember some things that happened. Ah ito - funny. I was checking your gums and saw white dot. I was happy, sabi ko yey magkaka teeth ka na! I waited for it ti appear, pero nawala haha, tinga lang pala ata.

This month also you experienced to have high fever, ang takot ko. Di ako nakatulog. Ano nga bang dahilan???? Hmmmm... hmmmmm.... parang I have posted it here, you had a high WBC. :(

But good thing though, you were never hospitalized. I took care of you and thank God, gumaling ka. Yun nga lang, nag start ka na pumayat nung 5 months ka. But still pretty! mwaahhh! Love you baby!

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