07 March 2013

Happy 11th Month Birthday JD!

February 21 2013 was JD's 11th month birthday. They say, prepare something in celebration of the monthly birthday. And 11th month, one month to go and it's her birthday!

What I had for JD? Ehem, let the pictures tell you.Anyway, March 3 was my 32nd birthday so I had JD's11th month birthday celebrated on the day of my birthday para isahan na lang. It was not too far naman from February 21st eh.

So here are the pictures to tell you how JD had her 11th month birthday ;) (and the internet gets slow, so I need to postpone uploading the pictures) [-X

Trying to post pictures (for the 4th time)

I am not sure whay they are up to here (with cousin xanelle)

Mama and jhaydii

showing her pretty smile

agree with me? isn't she pretty?
Clap clap for successfully uploading the pictures! \m/

For additional story, please read here, click My Happy 32nd Birthday.

And because it's already late, alas dose trese na ng madaling araw, and internet is so slow, I need to take a sleep for tomorrow's work. 

God bless us all and Lord thank you for the day that had passed. O:-)

Till then :-x

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