30 January 2013

Happy 10th Month Baby

I still not in the mood to start my work today. Thus, I decided to write again here, sort of an update of how Jhaydii is going now.

She just turned 10 months on January 21, 2013 and I must say there is a big difference now compare to how she was before - of course that is expected of her, because she is growing up and babies do grow so fastly, that is why, we parents should savor every moment of their babyhood.

In the middle of her 9th and 10th month, she got sick again, she had cough (asthma) and underwent treatment, she went into nebulizer for 3 days, Cefixime (Ultraxine) for 7 days, Pred 10 for 5 days, and another one (forgot the name) for 7 days. Fortunately, she was never confined, I went on 2 days emergency vacation from work to take care of her. I personally saw the progress and she was recovering, a thing to be thankful for. She might not be as heavy as the ideal weight of her age, she was 7.6kgs by that time (she was 9 months) but I believe she's fit and halthy. Her pediatrician even told me hat jd might have a primary complex because cough keeps on coming back (prior to this case, she had cough for 2 weeks when we were in Pampanga). I don't want to admit she has a primary complex, she might be lighter but she is healthy as I can see it. She is even bigger than those babies older than her.

On her 10th month, on the day of her measles vaccination last January 23, 2013 - she weighed 7.9 kgs, prrof that she hasn't in primary complex. I also noticed she already has good appetite. Hay, thank God. And one week had past, I know she becomes heavier now. I need to buy a weighing scale to monitor her weight progress.

Milestones on 10th Month 
She already learns so many things, recognizes what I we're teaching her like chicken, mango, moon, lizard, cat, dog and cow
She can sit up on her own
Says "KA"
Eats solid food well
Dances with Tiwnkle Twinkle songs and any other baby songs (Baba Black Sheep)
Opens cabinet
Rides a bike with support
Pulls everything that she can reach and puts into her mouth
Enjoys a trolley (push cart) ride in a supermarket
with 4 teeth and uses Pigeon toothbrush for brushing (silicon brush)
Bites us :(

Going Back to Her Previous Milestones
First bath - 10 days
First nail cut - 10 days
First travel to Pampanga - 1 month
First lie on her stomach - 3 1/2 months (July 05, 2012)
 photo a70cc266-70f1-4f53-bacd-06e7c42f8a83_zps4bdcc867.jpg
Head held straight - 4 months
First solid food - (cake) 4 months
Eats her feet :) - 4 months
Roll over between 3 - 4 months
Smiles and laughs - 4 months (sadly no chuckles and giggles)
Tight grip - 4 months
Slept thought the night 6-7 months
First travel (commute) - 6 months (October 05, 2012)
Walks with walker - 6 months ( October 13, 2012)
First teeth between 7-8 months (2 lower teeth)
Can sit with support - between 7-8 months
Next 2 upper teeth - 8 months
Can sit on her own - 9 months

And that's what it. Will update once there is a new milestone. I am excited for the next progress of our baby.

Till then,

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