16 May 2013

JD's Baptism

 photo 1-2_zps8e2db574.jpg
so adorable

 photo 2-2_zpsb7b4b6a4.jpg
me carrying JD
 photo 3-2_zps25f3c927.jpg
Giving JD to Daddy JD as asked by Fr. Homer

 photo 5-2_zps3307a78f.jpg
And JD was so antok she slept the entire ceremony

 photo 7-1_zps689ce209.jpg
Ninang Kamile and Ninong Gerald
 photo 11_zps4d4b79cd.jpg
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 photo 13_zpsc0761179.jpg
 photo 12_zps0b93a1a8.jpgThen came my turn, I went in front to light the big blue candle for use later.  photo 8_zps131a1597.jpg  photo 11_zps4d4b79cd.jpg

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