21 May 2012

Rewind 3: Celebrating JD's 2nd Month Birthday

I am turning back to the post, although after this post has been in my homepage for few days, I will edit the date and publish it on when the 2nd month of my baby happened. 

her birthday red ribbon cake

oh my what happened to our baby
cute JD at 2 months
celebrating with tito, tita and ates kuya

so love ice cream
We celebrated her 2nd month in her daddy's place sa Mexico Pampanga. We went there on the 26th of April and return a month after. Papasok na din kasi ako nun sa work. Imagine JD travelled when she was only a month old, will make a separate post.

Puyat na naman ako nito... for sure kasi mag eenjoy ako mag update today... I am in the mood!

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