21 April 2012

Rewind 1: JD on Her 1st Month

Let's get backward... 
This photo was taken April 21, 2012 when JD was a month old. It was also her buhos-tubig, sa province kasi, while a baby is not baptized yet, it is necessary na mabuhusan muna sya para maigala. And we were going to Mexico Pampanga few days after that - to the place of her daddy. 

Red Ribbon cake

Ayan na binuhusan na sya ng tubig

1 month old JD
Headband: Nabili sa SM (Forgot the brand)
Mittens: Sanrio
Dress: Sanrio

Sorry for the date on the picture -  it wasn't set up. These were taken at Brgy. Cabatang Tiaong, Quezon. She weighed 3.9 kilograms and measured 50cm.

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