02 August 2012

Rashes! Pissed!

I thought JD will never experience having rashes, but I was wrong. No matter how lenient we are in her hygiene, she wasn't able to escape from that red skin on her lower part. I pitied seeing her with red skin, I felt it was painful and itchy.

She was using PAMPERS Comfort as her diaper, and decided to switch/change to other brand HUGGIES when I noticed that the rashes did not vanish, even though I put on anti-rashes cream given to me by my nurse room mate. She was on her 4th month then.I seeked suggestion from my officemate, and she advised me to try MOMATE. I did, I bought it at P299, but to no avail, after a week or three, the rashes was still there. My mother also tried patting her bunga or nganga, it lessened the redness a bit.

The rashes stayed for long, so I decided to send JD's pediatrician a message and asked her what is the best cream to cure the redness. She advised me to use TRIDERM, bought it right away at roughly P500. After a week of using it, sighed, finally rashes was gone, I also changed diaper from Huggies to MAMYPOKO. I was relieved then and wishing that it would never come back again. Anyway, no worries, I still has triderm left :)

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